Friday 25 July 2014

'The Heretic': a new novel by Fergus Bannon

Dan Erlichmann, the son of a psychopath, is a man brutalised and alienated by his upbringing and by his experiences as an MI6 operative in Chile in the ‘70s. After his mission there fails, and the woman he loves is killed by military torturers, the traumatised Erlichmann is reassigned to ‘turning’ Soviet Cold War scientists. Incidents in Hawaii and Prague produce a vendetta lasting decades between him and Lev Stepunin, a KGB security officer.
Then, in the present day, a disaster at a Russian research facility reveals catastrophic flaws in mankind’s understanding of reality. Erlichmann and Stepunin suddenly find themselves forced to work together to ward off the possible extinction of the human race. Resorting to the most violent outrages, their lives are torn apart. Labelled as terrorists, their motives and characters are questioned by everyone but, most of all, by themselves.

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